• Walk and Talk Therapy

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    Are you looking for a different approach to therapy? Do you appreciate the healing power of nature and the great outdoors? Is sitting in a sterile office environment for therapy simply not your style? Try Walk and Talk Therapy* today!

    Walk and Talk Therapy boasts both physical and emotional benefits. Exercise releases endorphins which are responsible for blocking pain and creating feelings of pleasure, improving mood and self-esteem, and may support cognitive and memory function. While walking can be done from one’s home, walking is beneficial to therapy because exercise stimulates problem solving. This can help one become “unstuck” from unhelpful thought patterns.

    Come on, let’s talk!

    *By taking therapy outside of the office, privacy and confidentiality can be impacted. Prior to your Walk and Talk session, your therapist will discuss these limitations (which will also be outlined in a required release) and you will be able to discuss and concerns and ask questions you may have.