• Prepare/Enrich Program for Couples

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    Prepare/Enrich Program for Couples

    Do you want to strengthen your connection and create a more vibrant relationship? Consider taking Prepare/Enrich. 

    Why Choose the Prepare/Enrich Program for Couples?

    With over 40 years of research validation, Prepare/Enrich has proven itself to be the most trusted, comprehensive relationship assessment for couples at any stage of life.

    The Prepare/Enrich assessment has been proven to decrease the risk of divorce by 30%. (Stanley, Amato, Johnson & Markman, 2006)

    Prepare/Enrich and components of the assessment have been mentioned in over 1,200 peer reviewed journal articles, making it one of the most researched assessment tools.

    The Prepare/Enrich worldwide network consists of over 200,000 certified Facilitators from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions – from pastors to therapists to social workers to marriage mentors.

    Over 4 million couples have taken the Prepare/Enrich assessment. 

    Features and Benefits at a glance:

    • Tailored to your unique relationship
    • Credible and well-founded
    • Highlights your strengths as a couple and pinpoints areas to work on
    • Assesses whether you’re on the same page on specific topics
    • Explores how your upbringing shows up in your relationship
    • Examines how prepared you are to bounce back from life’s challenges
    • Reveals how your personalities contribute to the dynamics of your relationship
    • Pinpoints top stressors for each partner
    • Identifies how connected you feel to each other
    • Develop a deeper understanding about each other

    For more information visit the Prepare/Enrich website https://app.prepare-enrich.com