• Valerie Cash, Clinical Mental Health Counselor Intern

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    Valerie Cash, Mental Health Counselor Intern

    Valerie is a dedicated and compassionate Clinical Mental Health Counselor graduate student at Walden University, pursuing a dual Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling. She holds a BS in Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Western Washington University. Currently, Valerie is completing her clinical hours at Inner Peace Therapeutic Services under the supervision of Dr. Grantland.

    Specializing in trauma in crisis counseling and military family counseling, Valerie is not new to the mental health field. Her previous work experience includes working with diverse populations, including serving as a supportive case manager for individuals at risk for homelessness and as a residential counselor for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. As a proud Navy spouse, she understands the unique challenges the military community faces.

    Valerie employs a range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavior therapy, person-centered therapy, somatic therapy, and mindfulness techniques, to tailor her session to each client’s needs. Her goal is to create a supportive and welcoming meeting environment where clients of all ages and backgrounds can feel safe and comfortable while addressing their mental health needs.

    Valerie is committed to positively impacting her clients’ lives, helping them navigate their mental health journey with empathy and understanding, and recognizing that everyone’s journey is unique and you are the expert of your  own story.